From the lush green pastures of Australia comes Devondale.

The people at Devondale blend Australian dairy goodness and clever ideas to bring you great tasting, high quality products. The spirit of co-operation has seen Devondale recognised as a world-class supplier of retail dairy products for many years. Devondale has a reputation for quality and food safety that makes us a trustworthy dairy brand with exports to key markets around the world.

Our company processes a third of Australia’s milk supply, a testament to our expertise in dairy production. Along with a strong presence in the Australian domestic market, our flagship Devondale brand seeks to actively work with its consumers to meet their emerging needs  through the development of new innovative products.

Similarly we work with our dairy farmers, who are also the owners of Devondale, to provide a high quality, sustainable milk supply that can produce products at fair value for all.

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