From the lush green pastures of Australia comes Devondale.

Devondale Murray Goulburn is an Australian farmer owned dairy co-operative. Our history in the dairy industry gives Devondale Murray Goulburn a wealth of experience and knowledge that sets us apart. We proudly process one-third of our nation’s milk supply and we are controlled by over 2500 dairy farmer-shareholders. Being part of a farmer owned cooperative means we all work together – cooperating to achieve the same goals.  Many of our farmers come from generations of proud dairy farmers who operate self-owned farms across Australia’s dairy regions, producing the great tasting, nutritious milk that goes into Devondale products. Quality starts on our farms; our farming families who live and work on their farms must adhere to strict testing which meets government standards, to ensure all Devondale products are of the highest quality.

DEVONDALE is real Australian Dairy because our fresh milk comes from the lush farmlands of Australia and tastes delicious.

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